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The Brimses of Brims. The Story so far.............

7th-14th Century

Vikings control Orkneys and Caithness. They gave their names to many coastal regions. From ancient records a Viking called BRIMMINS was known to have travelled there - our oldest ancestor? Or are we related to the native Celtic people?


Norwegian rule terminated in "Catteynes"(Caithness). Henry St Clair of Rosslin claimed the Earldom.

15th Century

Brims Castle built - possibly a century later?


Second Earl William Sinclair died at Flodden together with 300 Caithness men - almost certainly includes many Sinclair-Brimses.


Walter Innes, Vicar of Thurso obtained the lease for the "13 1/2 penny lands of Brymms"


Richard of Brims mentioned first.


Henry of Brubster, second son (unlawful) of Sinclair of Dunbeath lived at Brims.


Patrick Sinclair owned the lands of Ulbster and is styled "Sinclair Brims"


Richard son of Sinclair of Dunbeath is styled "of Brims".


"John Brymmes elder of Brymmes and his son" are convicted of sheep stealing.


Massacre of Kringelen - George Sinclair invaded Norway with 900 Caithness men. They are ambushed and all are killed. There were certainly many Sinclair-Brimses amongst them.


Alexander of Brims married Anna Mackay. (This event seems to be of some importance as it is mentioned several times in official records and books.)


The Great Famine - thousands died.


Cromwells Ironsides occupy Thurso. Referred to in records as the "Inglishe".


John Sinclair of Brims is in close attendance to the Marquis of Montrose and is referred to as a "gentleman of Caithness".


Lands of Brims purchased by John Sinclair of Tannach (hereafter called John Sinclair of Brims). The Sinclairs of Ulbster owned it for the next century.


Lord Glenorchy took over as Earl of Caithness- a hated man and not a Sinclair. George Sinclair of Keiss contested this and after several bloody battles became Earl of Caithness.


The blank in the records cannot be filled with assurance, even the Sinclairs of Ulbster have difficulty


Brimses definitely lived in the grounds of Thurso Castle, right hand men to the Earls of Caithness. My Great Great Grandfather Charles was the last to leave in 1845


The notorious Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster sold the lands of Brims to Lord Hemer (Alexander, Ninth Earl of Caithness)


William Brims marries, the earliest Brims to whom we have a direct connection.


Charles Brims (my Gt Gt Grandfather) marries in Edinburgh (having been born and raised in Thurso), he lived in Edinburgh for the rest of his life, the first of my Brims line not to live in Caithness.


The Begg family are living at Brims (no Brims relation)

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