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Thurso sunsetMid Summer Sunsets

Have a look at these sunsets, all taken within a few miles of Brims at mid summer 2005 - quite incredible!


Surf at Brims, May 2003Surfing at Brims

Of course Brims has its other use, it is home to 3 good surf spots, the 'point', the 'cove', and the infamous 'bowl'.

For surfers the place has a great atmosphere,the remoteness, the farm and grave yard (perilously close to the most dangerous wave), the farm animals that watch your every move, the dark reef and vraic (sea weed) that gives the water a dark feel about it, the seals that are intrigued by your very presence in the water, the strong rips visible out to sea, and of course the very (dangerous) nature of the waves themselves. More on surfing at Brims >>

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