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The Begg Family at Brims

I was recently contacted by Finella, the grand-daughter of the owners of Brims Castle when my Grandfather visited there in 1909.

Here is the picture he took, and put in "The Brimses of Brims" labled " The actual entrance to the old castle at Brims. Mrs Begg the young farmers wife at the front sitting and a friend of hers behind"

Donald (Dan) Begg had Brims Farm and renovated the castle prior to his marriage in 1910 to a daughter of the Manse of Reay.  Finella's late mother and aunt were both born there - 1913 and 1916 - but the family moved to another of his farms - Pennyland, near Thurso - around 1917 so that they would be nearer schools. 

She used to go to Brims with her grandfather when she was 3 or 4 years old.  He sold it around 1947/8 and died the following year, having retired to Reay in 1944.

Donald's wife (pictured right) died in 1924 from flu and pneunomia.

Below, accompanying the poem are some more pictures from Finella of her grandparents and family at Brims Castle.

The following poem was written by Henry Henderson, known as the Bard of Reay for Mr Begg in 1909 because he was so happy that the castle had been restored was was being lived in again.



I was taken thro’ Brims Castle,
I stood in its turrets high,
And I heard the summer breeze
Around it softly sigh.

And the soft swish of the salt sea
In its ceaseless ebb and flow
Advancing and receding
On the shingle down below.

And we spoke about the ancient
Days that had been of old,
And mentioned weird, wild legends
That would make your blood run cold.

Spoke of ships and of shipwrecks
That happened there of yore,
When the wild storms of winter
With wreckage bestrewed the shore.

Then in the conversation
That was between him and me
A pause came, while we listened
To the rhythmic sound of the sea.

And the ceaseless swish of the waters
On the polished pebble-stones,
The sigh of the briny breezes,
And the ocean’s monotones.

Our thoughts far away in the old days
Were back in the long ago
With the dead who have gone the journey
That the living have to go.

From cellar unto turret
He took me through it all,
By ancient well worn stone stairs,
And lichened moss-grown wall.

The spell of the past was upon us
And dreams of what used to be,
As we stood in the Castle turrets
And listened to the sound of the sea.

To the tenant of the Castle
A goblet to-day I drain,
Well may he be, and happy,
And long in it may he reign.

H Henderson, “Bard of Reay”

July 24th, 1909.

Mr and Mrs Begg outside Brims Castle,
Mrs Begg is wearing the same top as in
the photograph that my grandfather took! (see above)

Photograph Copyright FSMMacKinnon
A family group outside Brims Castle

Photograph Copyright FSMMacKinnon
Brims Castle, 1909 - 1910


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