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The Romans in Britain



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Why did the Romans invade Britain?

A famous Roman General, Julius Caesar, decided to invade Britain in 55 B.C. (That means 55 years before Jesus was born) because:
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  • He was cross with the Britons for helping the Gauls (now called the French) to fight the Romans.
  • He thought it would make him look good back in Rome (no-one had travelled here before, it was like going to the moon for the Romans!).
  • He had heard that there was great treasure in Britain and he wanted it.

He tried twice in 55 B.C. and 54 B.C. and his army did defeat the tribes that were waiting for him but both times his boats were destroyed by storms and he went home.

The Romans did not come back for another 90 years.

The Second Invasion

In 43 A.D. (43 years after Jesus was born) Emperor Claudius decided to invade Britain again. He sent 40,000 troops, who gradually conquered most of the country. The troops were terrified of going to Britain because they had heard about the tribes who lived there. In fact they nearly refused to go!

Emperor Claudius even brought elephants over to Britain to scare the tribes - who would have never seen such an incredible animal before.

After the Romans had conquered most of Britain, the country became peaceful.

a roman coinThe Romans were good rulers. They built good roads, and big towns and made sensible laws.

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