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The Romans in Britain



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Henry VIII & the Tudors

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Roman Clothing

This is what an important man would look likeThis is a more casual Roman manRoman men wore a short linen tunic. Over this they wore a heavy toga which was arranged in a complicated system of folds.

Men wore the toga when they wanted to look smart, like wearing a suit today. For ordinary times they would just wear a simple woollen cloak over their tunic.

Roman women wore a long tunic which reached almost to the ground. On top of this they had a stola, a dress belted at the waist and on top of that a wool or linen cloak.

Rich women were very fashion conscious and their hairstyles were always changing. They also wore lots of expensive jewellery to show off their wealth.


Hairstyles changed constantly, one year it would be fashionable to have the hair piled high on your head, the next year the fashion would be ringlets.

Women also wore elaborate wigs. Black wigs were popular and they were made from the dark hair of British slave girls.


Wealthy women wore beautiful jewellery made from gold and silver with precious gems set in it.

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